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CRIME PREVENTION: Personal Safety is a concern for everyone - children, teens, adults and the elderly. Personal safety encompasses auto safety, safety on public transportation, home safety, identity theft prevention, fraud & scam safety, pedestrian safety, and more. While violent crime has decreased over the years, we can still play a part in continuing to build safe, crime-free communities. Take away the opportunity for crime: Trust your Intuition - If you feel threatened or something does not feel right, take action immediately and change the situation. Your instincts are your best tools for personal safety. Be Aware - Awareness helps you avoid becoming victimized; know what is going on around you. Be Assertive - Walk, look and move with confidence and with purpose. Set personal boundaries, educate people on how to treat you, scream and cause a scene if necessary. Learn Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Tips - Schedule a Personal Safety Presentation for your group or ask us about reading materials. Start a Neighborhood Watch Group - Get to know your neighbors and the Police Officers in your sector. For Emergencies or Crimes in Progress, dial 9-1-1. For Non-Emergencies, dial 502.863.7820. For Police Administration, dial 502.863.7826 The Community Services Division serves as a liaison between Neighborhood Watch, Georgetown Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, citizens and businesses of Georgetown and the Georgetown Police Department. The Georgetown Police Department is dedicated to establishing and maintaining partnerships with the citizens and businesses of our community. Through community policing, law enforcement and citizens work together to reduce the threat of crime, enhance their sense of safety and security and positively influence the quality of life in Georgetown. Our goal is to provide services and education to all ages, groups, organizations, businesses and citizens and thus empower everyone to protect themselves, work together, and take a stand against crime as well as improve their neighborhoods and communities. You are invited to take full advantage of the many services we provide. For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 502-863-7826 ext. 870


Neighborhood Watch: A community participation, crime prevention program that involves individual neighborhoods working together with law enforcement to reduce crime. A Neighborhood Watch takes commitment on the part of citizens. It requires meetings, patrols, and other activities. Law enforcement trains citizens to recognize and report suspicious activities to the police. Block captains are made aware of crime alerts in their neighborhood. Law enforcement attends monthly meetings when needed and provides necessary crime prevention information and support. The role of law enforcement in Neighborhood Watch is to provide training, support, guidance and leadership. When the crime rate in the areas with a Neighborhood Watch decreases, it is because of those who have given their time and energy to the project.


Citizen Police Academy: This is a great way to get involved with your local police department. The cost? Your time. And what better way to spend one night a week for 3 hours for 11 weeks. Our Citizen Police Academy offers a very in-depth look at the role of a Police Officer and the services the department offers to the community.


Station Tours: Tours of the Georgetown Police Department are available for school, civic and community based groups. Must be scheduled in advance.


House Check: Are you going on vacation? If so, let us provide you extra peace of mind by having the police provide extra patrol for your home or business. You may pick up a House Check form from the Georgetown/Scott County 911 Center located at 911 Communications Court or print a copy and return it to the 911 Center. If you would like more information on this free service, please call 502-863-7826.


Fingerprint: We offer fingerprinting for employment purposes. There is a $10.00 charge for this service.

Message from the Chief

Welcome to the Georgetown Police Department website.  The Georgetown Police Department is a proud group of 62 men and women who feel privileged to serve the citizens of Georgetown.  We hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct and service.  We consider our occupation so much more than an ordinary occupation and are honored to be trusted with the safety of those we serve.  We strive for a humble confidence that deters those who would do harm to members of our community while fostering a caring and approachable demeanor to all.  Our 51 sworn officers appreciate the enormous responsibility that comes with our authority and we are confident in saying that we hold ourselves to a disciplined culture of accountability. {read more}

The Georgetown Police Department is a proud member of the Bluegrass and Central Kentucky Unified Police Protection System (BACKUPPS) which represents 26 agencies in 15 Central Kentucky counties providing over 3000 square mile of jurisdiction to each of its members.   


Come see our great city and please stop by the Georgetown Police Department and learn more about us.


Kindest Regards,


Michael Bosse